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It is often helpful to people who are new to the Sudbury model of education to research it for themselves, so we have included the links below to aid in that task.

Many people today are questioning the model of education that we have adopted in the traditional system, considering it outdated and impractical at best or coercive, autocratic and harmful at worst.

The visionary founders of the Sudbury model (Sudbury Valley School near Boston) began this questioning more than 50 years ago.  Their foresight, determination, and perseverance have well proven a model that is centered in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as preparation for our American way of life. It has also proven to be a highly effective model in preparing young people for responsible adulthood, citizenship and relationships, entrepreneurial endeavors and further education in college and graduate school as they choose…


All of this while they enjoy their childhoods and live relatively stress-free each day!

Children learn what they live.

That’s the “how it’s done” of education. We believe that its the most important decision for parents to make.  Do you want your children…

  • to be externally motivated or internally motivated
  • to feel incompetent or competent
  • to be notetakers or visionaries
  • to accept conformity or value freedom and community
  • to be stressed, bored and unhappy or joyful and enthusiastic
  • to be powerless and afraid or to have a voice and know their voice matters
  • to be followers of what is or leaders of what can be
  • to be regurgitators of information or deliberate creators of their lives?

Obviously, all of the latter choices above are what a Sudbury education offers to students.  Read on and see for yourself…

Sudbury Valley School and the Sudbury Model:

Sudbury Model Research:

Alliance for Self-Directed Education:

List of some other Sudbury Schools and websites:

Dr. Peter Gray:

“You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.”

– Galileo